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This visa is a permanent visa class for people who are unable to meet the requirements of Skilled- independent immigrant visa. Applications need to be sponsored by an appropriate relative in Australia or sponsored by a state or region government. Applicants are required to pass a point-based test. This visa allows the applicant to remain in Australia indefinitely. It also permits the applicant to travel and visit Australia any time for five years from the date visa is issued. If the visa is expired it does not affect permanent resident status of the applicant if present in Australia. On the other hand, if applicants want to continue to go to and from Australia as a permanent resident after the visa is expired, applicant is required to attain a Resident Return Visa (RRV). The eligibility for a RRV depends on the time applicant has resided in Australia.

Doctors Nurses Visa

Migration to Australia is an opportunity never to be missed out. Offering different streams of immigration it provides opportunities Doctors and nurses to avail this opportunity. Australian Doctors and Nurses Visa is categorized in different types . . .

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Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

Times is one of the best immigration consultants and we advice all Australia Employee Nomination Scheme applicants to evaluate their profile before investing in the actual visa process. The initial Australia ENS report will check your . . .

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Parents Visa

Australia Parent visa choices are for the individuals who plan to migrate and live with their children in Australia. The children should be either Australian citizens, Australia permanent residents or . . .

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skilled Independent Visa(subclass-189)

This is points based and permits the applicant to migrate to Australia if he/she has English language proficiency and other skills and qualities that will contribute the mainly to the . . .

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Skilled Recognized Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Sub-class 476)

This visa permits fresh graduates of selected international universities to get up to 18 months of skilled work experience in professions in demand in . . .

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Australia Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)

This is points based visa for skilled workers, nominated by a state, territory or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area in . . .

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Partner Skills Assessment

An applicant can assert ‘partner skills’ points if the partner is also capable to assure the basic criteria of age, English language ability, has designated a job on the same Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as the . . .

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