Austria is a German-speaking country in Central Europe, characterized by its mountain villages, extravagant city architecture, Royally history and rugged alpine land. Most part of Austria lies in pleasant and moderate climatic region with having moist winds. Having architectural land with royal history and unique places to visit, country captures the attention millions of people from all around the world and enjoys having tourists throughout the year. The country is rich with art and music and provides theater, sports and delicious cuisines for the entertainment of citizens. Austria has a pleasant and peaceful environment with lesser crime rate, the country welcomes the international visitors from different countries around the world.
The peaceful environment also grabs the attention of international students to pursue their education. Austria offers a standard education system while providing golden opportunities to establish their career. Austria provides education with the tuition fees that are comparatively lower than the other countries of the world. Having tuition fees less international students also receive the benefit of having affordable living cost as it is a well developed country with a stable economy and less inflation rate, allowing its residents to live a great lifestyle.

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