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Germany EU Blue Card is established as an immigration card similar US Green Card to catch the attention of skilled professionals from different countries. The card came into effect from August 1, 2012 for Indian citizens. Individuals with technical skills are targeted generally, but the German blue card is not restricted to technical persons only.


  • An accredited university degree that is equivalent to a German degree.He or She has a working contract with a gross annual compensation of at least
  •  A contract in the demanded occupation (scientists, mathematics, engineers, doctors and IT- skilled workers) with the annual package of €39,624 (3,302 Euros per month).  For other occupations annual package must be €50,800 (4,134 Euros per month).

Note: If applicant has German language ability at level B1 then they can apply after 21 months for permanent residence (19a, passage 6, law of residence) otherwise foreigners who have EU blue card can apply for permanent residence after 33 months.


• EU Blue card system is a single card for both work and residence permit
• The card allows highly educated and skilled internationals to remain and work in the EU
• After completing first 2 years in the card issue country, migrant can move to any country under the Blue Card Agreement
• After completing 5 years in a country under the Blue Card, a migrant may apply for PR

Benefits of EU Blue Card

• Same working and salary requirements as the country citizens
• Right to socio-economic rights
• Perfect for family reunification
• Freedom to associate
• Blue Card makes it simple for migrants to acquire a PR, after living for 5 years in the same country
• Free to travel anywhere in European Union
• Tax benefits, pension funds, social benefits to be same as a citizen of that country
• Free education

Visa Fee

Germany EU Blue Card has a visa application fee which is charged by the German embassy.

The charges are:
For first time issuance of a Germany EU Blue Card: 4400 INR
For renewal of Germany EU Blue Card: 100 Euros

Note: Embassy charges can change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.


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