Visit Malaysia


Malaysia is the ideal destination for the individuals to visit and spend vacations. Majority people from all around the world visit Malaysia because of its pleasant and. Environment. The individual who intends to go to Malaysia for short time duration, is applicable to apply for a visit visa.

Required Documents

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Covering letter (Individual or Institution, typed written)
  • Two Visa Application Forms (IM.47 – Pin.1/97) – typed written / bold
  • Four Recent Photograph of Applicant
  • Original Passport & photocopy of passport (A4 size) validity of passport must be above six months at the time of traveling
  • Original & photocopy of Pakistan CNIC
  • Original & photocopy of Confirmed Airline Return tickets
  • Bank Statement for previous six months
    • At least Rs 100,000 for individual applicant
    • Sufficient funds to support expenses
    • Certified by the issuing bank
    • Credit card statements for individual
    • Traveler’s cheque under name of applicant
  • Invitation Letter from Malaysian sponsor is needed for business visit or attending conference.

Visa Charges

Visa application Fee and passport-handling charges are around $ 15


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