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Malaysian government is encouraging skilled labor to remain and work in Malaysia, which in return will support in enhancing the economy of Malaysia. Malaysian government permits 3 types of work permits to skilled workers those who want to remain and work in Malaysia.

Employment Pass

Government of Malaysia issues this visa to people who have specialized in specific technical or managerial skills; this is issued to highly skilled workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers, IT professional and engineers. In beginning the validity period of this visa is of 2 years. Work permits have duration of 6 months to 5 years. This can be extended for up to 10 years. People who want work in Malaysia; have to go through some restrictions mentioned by Malaysian government. Employment Pass has an important identification in international levels. People, who acquire this Employment Pass, will have most precedence, if they wish to move to other countries such as; USA, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. People who want to apply should have a legitimate passport along with an offer letter from Malaysian Company.

Professional Pass

Malaysian government issues this visa to individuals employed by a foreign company and working for a company in Malaysia. Professional Pass has duration of 6 months.

Temporary Employment Pass

This temporary employment pass is issued to workers who earn salary less than RS 5000 per month, and has duration of 2 years.
To apply for Malaysia work permit, applicants should submit some documents to their employer.

  • Applicants need to submit scan copies of their passport to their employer
  • Applicant must send all their certificates regarding their Education and Experience to their Malaysian employer
  • Applicants after attaining reference letter from their employer can start the process of their work permit application.
  • Applicants are required to give their two current photographs.
  • Applicants have to pass a medical examination.
  • Applicants have to send all their documents and medical reports to the Malaysian employer.
  • Malaysian employer will forward all these documents to Malaysian immigration department.
  • Malaysian employer will issue offer letter to applicant after they receive clearance from immigration authorities.

Visa can be canceled by the Malaysian immigration authorities if the applicant fails to submit or satisfy requirements specified, and also if the applicant having a criminal background.


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