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To work in Netherlands an individual must apply for a work permit, there are different categories under which an applicant may be eligible for a work permit.

Work permit Netherlands : rules and possibilities categorized

At the point when searching for a vocation in The Netherlands, an applicant can be categorized as one of the following mentioned classes, with the work permit rules and possibilities enlightened briefly per category:

  • Individual who is EU or Eea citizens are allowed to work without a work permit.
  • If applicant is a student,The Residency Card will affirm that applicant has a permission to work for upto 10 hours per week or 2 months during the summer holiday period.
  • If applicant is a partner of any person that lives and works in The Netherlands (expat) then applicant can get permission to work and it will state so on their Residency Card
  • If a candidate intends to move to The Netherlands for employment, individual is skilled and under 30 years of age. An employer can arrange a Work Permit for the candidate in case the experience of candidate is relatively unique. This is generally only the case if the applicant has a higher educational level (BA/Bsc minimum), work experience and a specialization particularly in IT or science.
  • Candidate is a Graduate student at a Dutch educational institution, on BA/Bsc, MA/Msc or Phd level at a top-150 university worldwide, within the last 3 years. Individual can apply for a Search Year (“zoekjaar”) that allows the applicant to work in Netherlands for up to 1 year without any salary criterium. However, during this period candidate must find a job that meets a lowered salary criterium (€ 27, 566). In order to extend the stay as a “skilled migrant”, applicant can apply for the Search Year after graduation but it can take 2 – 3 months before the permission is granted.
  • Netherlands issues Search visa for 1 year to national students as well as international students from top 150 universities of the world


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