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New Zealand appreciates business and investor migrants; in addition, New Zealand has made policies to make migration simpler for experienced businesspersons. Whether the person wishes to purchase any branch or put resources into another new business, the possibilities of achievement are more in New Zealand. According to World Bank New Zealand is the easiest country to do a business.

Entrepreneur Visa

  • Overview
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Residence for Entrepreneurs
  • Family


New Zealand welcomes experts from all around the world to make a significant difference in its increasing economy. Many individuals start on an Entrepreneur Work Visa, which permits candidate to move to New Zealand and purchase or start a business. After 6 months or 2 years applicant can apply for residence under Entrepreneur Residence Category. These visa categories are intended for immigrants who wish to engage in full time employment in a business they own. If a candidate is seeking for investing minimum NZ$ 1.5 million in bonds, stock or other froms of investments, applicant may be suitable for investor visa.

Entrepreneur Work Visa

This visa category is granted for 3 years, which is structured in 2 stages,

  • Start-up stage;if application is granted, applicant will be given a 12 month working visa at start, allowing the applicant to purchase or start a business in the country.
  • Balance stage;as the applicant has the proven that he/she have taken necessary stps to start the business, visa is granted for 24 months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least investing capital of NZ$ 100,000 (working capital is not included)
  • Score 120 points or more, with points awarded for factors regarding the possible success of the business and its worth to New Zealand.
  • Obvious business plan
  • Recent history of bankruptcy, business failure and fraud
  • Health, character and English language requirements

Residence for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Residence Category enables applicant to live in New Zealand enduringly if candidate has started a high growth and inventive business with export potential in New Zealand.

An applicant can qualify for residence under entrepreneur visa category by two ways:

  • Entrepreneur Residence Category 1- the first visa category has duration of 2 years, it requires the applicant to successfully establish or buy a business in New Zealand and be self employed through that business for minimum 2 years along with business to be considerably benefited.
  • Entrepreneur Residence Category 2- the second category is granted for 6 months, it provides a quicker way to residence if applicant has invested minimum NZ$ 500,000 in own business and have generated at least 3 new full time jobs for citizens of New Zealand.

Both the categories require the applicants to meet character, health and English proficiency criteria.


Work and student visa can also be granted to partner and dependent children of the applicant if they intend to move with the applicant to New Zealand. They are also allowed to be included in Entrepreneur Residence Visa applications.

General Skilled Migrant Program

  • Overview
  • Industries that Lack Skills in New Zealand
  • Requirements for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Program
  • Criteria of selection for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Program


New Zealand greets immigrants from all around the world through the New Zealand General Skilled Migrant Program. Migrants with related skills, experience and qualifications that are able to support the economy of New Zealand are welcome to apply for this visa program.

If the profession of applicant emerges on the Essential Skills in Demand list for New Zealand employments, applicant should not delay more his/her objective to move to New Zealand because the policies keep changing.
Industries that Lack Skills in New Zealand

In New Zealand there is a severe shortage of skilled individuals and having a huge demand for professionals for following industries;

  • Education
  • Trading
  • Farm and agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Health and Medical groups
  • Information and Communications technology


Requirements for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Program

  • Age
  • Health
  • Character
  • English Proficiency
  • Occupational Registration

If an individual meet the requirements then it will be requirement to submit the Expression of Interest. Applicant needs to make 100 or more on EOI to submit it in the group. Once the EOI is drawn from the group and applicant is found qualified, an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is sent to the candidate.

Criteria of selection for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Program

Skilled Migrant class benefits from the highest recognition among all visa categories to get the Permanent Residency status in New Zealand. The New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS) at present deals in visas regarding the skilled migrant category for New Zealand immigration. Skills of the candidate in accordance with their selected profession are taken into thought along with points that are granted for multiple other factors.

Applications are forwarded along with other applications where the number of candidates is chosen by NZIS, on the basis of demand of skilled workers in New Zealand. Hopeful candidates should be aware of the selection criteria to attain utmost possible points, also guarantee their immigration success to New Zealand as a General Skill Migrant.


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