The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is in the middle of Malaysia’s Best Private Universities, and is where a unique mixture of technology, innovation and creativity works successfully towards preparing graduates for significant roles in business and society worldwide. APU has earned a prosperous reputation as an award-winning University through its achievements in winning a host of important awards at national and international levels, as well as an excellent track record in producing highly employable graduates who are able to immediately contribute to industry upon graduation. While Technology forms a common core as an enabler across its academic programs, APU offers a broad range of programs encompassing areas such as Computing, Technology and Engineering, as well as programs in Business, Accounting and Banking & Finance.



ASU currently ranks 59 in Malaysia.

Location and Campuses


  • Technology Park Malaysia Campus
  • New Campus(coming soon)



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  • School of Computing and Technology
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Business & Management
  • School of Accounting, Finance and Quantitative Studies