MS in Canada

A master’s degree is a suitable selection for those students who wish to advance their awareness of a specific subject after completing their undergraduate degree. On completion of master’s degree programs, prospective students will be specialised within their field of interest that will give them the opportunity to have a well-paid job. Moreover, the nature of master’s degree is functional for preparing students to enter into the particular industry which will allow them to gain experience of research before starting a long PhD program.

Many students wish to study abroad to pursue their Master’s degree consults with the foreign education consultants for getting admission in a foreign prestigious university such as a Canadian university because it is an excellent approach to improve their probability on the job market or to enter into the research career of their dreams. For a student, to study internationally is much admired because most of the universities around the world tend to have the English language as a medium of instruction at master’s level which is far more welcoming for students to get the foreign education.


Master’s programmers are the most diversified with different specialisations and majors. However, here are some of the major types of Master’s degrees for students to decide which one is right for them to study abroad.

  • Graduate Master’s degree       

Graduate Master’s degree allow students to specialise in  major categories such as      Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc),  and  Master of Engineering (ME)

  • Business Master’s degrees

Those students who wish to pursue a higher level of expertise in the field of Business and Management will go for MBA and MIM degrees.

  • Executive Master’s degrees for top executive positions:

It is an advanced level of master’s degree planned particularly for executive professions. These degrees have time duration of 4 years in total, where first three years are designed for the undergraduate level and the final year pursued at the graduate level.


Generally, master’s degree is categorised into two types one is course-based (taught) and other is research-based. Usually, international universities offer a 2-year program.

In Course-based master’s degrees, subject modules taught through lectures, seminars, laboratory work or distance learning in the first year of study while the second year involved preparation of the thesis, internships and projects related to the subject of interest.


In research-based master’s degrees, students have to spend both years in carrying out their own research project(s) in a specific field of study.  In some cases, students have to spend a little longer time in Research based master’s degrees to complete.

Canada is considered as the world’s best study destinations because it has internationally renowned universities. Therefore, there is a significant rise in a number of international students registered in Canadian universities in past few years.


The procedure of admission depends upon on the province and the institution. Students are needed to do intensive research to know the entry requirements for the particular course they want to study and they can apply directly to the university. However, most of the universities have their legal representative such as foreign consultants who can provide guidance to the students.


The most vital requirements for international students to study in Canada are language proficiency test (such as IELTS) and adequate funds to cover their living expenses during the period of their studies.

Others requirements are a good score in undergraduate, GRE/GMAT, CV, statement of purpose and letter of recommendation from their university. Some universities require a research proposal from students before admission.


A massive number of students preferring Canada as study destination over other countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, United States and Australia because of obvious advantages of studying in Canada.

Many Canadian Universities focus on the increasing requirements of students by introducing diversified courses under one roof with improved knowledge and proficiency.

Canadian Universities are giving significant importance to the practical aspects of learning to enhance student’s skills in research and professional field.

As a result of abundant resources, many universities are incorporating new programs every year thus generating various competencies in education.


The upside is that along with affordable tuition fee, many funding options are also available all the way through a student’s educational period. Canada’s accommodation and other living expenses are also competitive.


Top-quality staff members give support to a student in his field of interest and to achieve this purpose, the world’s most excellent professors have been working collectively in Canadian universities.

Being a well-developed country, Canada has best gigs in employment opportunities in every potential field on completion of Master’s degree which leads to high quality of life along with a good income. Thus Canada has high Employment Rate.

Canada’s immigration and visa process are not strenuous which make it a more attractive place to study.

Canada is highly multicultural country accommodating people belongs to all backgrounds which indicate the tolerant level of society. So, In Canada, there are bright chances to get  Canadian permanent residency.


In many occupations, individuals holding Master’s degree have little advantage over individuals with Bachelor’s degree. Hence, for many students, Master’s degree is not a right option for their career goals.

In various fields, employers give more importance to previous work experience than Master’s degree. For instance, a master’s degree might develop your skills but in practical life, the excellence of work is far more important while someone will hire you.

A master’s degree provides growth opportunity in a career, but it is not the best choice for everyone. Especially, master’s degree from Canada will be a great option for those how are looking for overseas jobs. It will not be cost-effective if someone chooses to work in under developing country. That’s why it is obligatory to take account on all sides before reaching a conclusion.