Pathways Program

What is Pathway Program?

AnnouncementImageDesigned to convey students the boldness and skills required to reach college, Pathway is an inexpensive educational chance that mixes on-line courses with native gatherings. Students earn college credit that’s eligible for transfer to BYU-Idaho and a few alternative universities. The program takes one year (or 3 semesters) to finish and may result in skilled certificates and degrees.

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Why Pathway Program?

Pathways programs are transitional programs designed to assist students reach their full educational potential or gesture conditions for a program they want to enter. By combining a mandatory course in study skills development at the side of a combination of program specific, general education, make-up and/or introductory courses, Pathways helps students attain their potential and prepares them for a victorious post-secondary education. These programs sometimes last between one and a pair of semesters.

Pathway Providers

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