Our Services

Our services are planned for candidates who intend to study, work and settle abroad, the services we offer are categorized based on the immigration needs of an individual. Ranging from starting a life in a country to study, visit abroad for a short duration or settle; our service categories cater to all broad aspects of moving abroad.

Following are our service categories under which our clients define their immigration goals. These categories keep on evolving according to client’s requirements.

cate small student

We deal in student visa; evaluate the qualification of student and guide them with opportunities relevant to their education according to their future goals.

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cate small immi

If you intend to migrate overseas, TIMES Consultant helps you in making your dream come true. We offer services in immigration visa to our clients and process their case to migrate and settle abroad.

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cate small business

We deal in business visas and offer services to our clients in establishing their business abroad. TIMES Consultant looks and proceeds all the documentation and visa process and brief on all requirements that will permit you to successfully get a business visa

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cate small work

Work abroad in countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, UK and several other countries are worth to pursue as they offer great scope for one to reveal the best talents in them. Our consultants provide all the information pertaining to a range of requirements for the permission of visa

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cate small depend

If you are living and working abroad or intend to go abroad and wish your family to accompany you, we are offering services to help you in making this possible through our services in dependent visa.

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cate small visit

We provide assistance to our clients intending to visit abroad whether to meet family or friends or just for purpose of excursion. Our counselors study your profile and handle your case with focus on providing services according to the expectations.

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