Visit South Korea

Tourist Visa

South Korea Tourist Visa

Foreigners who wish for short term stay for travel, market research, conferences, medical treatment, visiting relatives or events, events, or other similar reasons can choose South Korea Visit Visa.


Visa requirements

Other than the important documents such as legal passport, visa application, photos (passport size), and other documents would change as per the circumstances.

Documents requirement change according to the visa categories like; tourism, family visit, business activities or medical treatments.


Tourist Visa Documents Requirement

Required Documents from Applicant

Financial documents:
Income Tax Return (Last 1 year) – preferable
Justifying note explaining absence of income tax return document with 6 months bank statement or companies’ 1 year income tax documents

Students under 30 years, financial documents of their parents would be sufficient.


Family Visa Document Requirements

For family visa following documents would be require from Korean Sponsor;

Documents that prove their is family relation (marriage certificate, copy of family register or birth certificate and written entries in passport) with applicant staying in Korea. Copy of Foreign registration card (Alien card).


Business Visa Requirements

Required Documents from Korean Sponsor

  • Invitation Letter
  • Copy of Certificate of Business Registration

Required Documents from Applicant

  • Copy of proof of occupation
  • Financial documents


Visa Fee:

Visa Fee Process

Visa takes 7 days to process on submission of application

Note: visa charges can change without notice. Service charges could be additional. Contact our consultancy for updated fee as per category such as Short term single entry (under 90 days), long term single entry (above 91 days), double or multiple entry visas.