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Individuals are constantly eager to expand their business and make expedition into worldwide business sector for more prominent benefit, higher money related returns and competitive business environments. The thought to invest in US is a step to the potential global business and to make business in a nation that has a productive workforce and is as well financially stable is an open opportunity. As US appreciates new business ventures and turns out to be the beneficial option.

US E2 Treaty Investor Visas


The E-2 treaty investor visa is a non-immigrant visa that lets foreign entrepreneurs from treaty nations to go into the U.S. and do investment and trade activities.


• Work officially in an organization that is the medium of investment in US
• Travel without restraints in and out of the U.S.
• Live on an extended basis with indefinite duration of two year as long as applicant is able to maintain E-2 qualifications
• Bring the dependents along, spouse of the applicant is allowed to work during this stay


• Entrepreneurs from treaty nations investing significantly in a U.S. business project
• Citizens of treaty countries going to the U.S. to establish and manage the investments from the treaty country
• Citizens of treaty countries going to the U.S. to build up and manage the operations of a business in which they have invested, or they are keenly in the process of investing a considerable amount of capital
• Immediate family members of E-2 visa holders
• Companies in treaty countries to send employees to direct the U.S. partner or branch
• Companies in treaty countries to send staff to develop a U.S. company

Documents Required

• Completed and signed Form DS-160, Non-immigrant Visa Application
• Completed and signed Form DS-156E, Treaty or Trader Investor Application
• Documents that establishing the nationality of your company
• A letter from the owner of company identifying the job post and specifying that applicant acquire highly proficient skills necessary for the competent operation of the firm
• Proof of investment in the U.S.
• Additional documents related to the case such as marriage and birth certificates of applicant and his/her family members
• A passport applicable for travel to the U.S and with a maturity date of minimum six months ahead of proposed duration of stay
• Color passport style photograph (37 x 37mm) for each member mentioned in the visa application. The picture should be taken with a light background and without head covering

Participating Countries

An additional condition of the E-1 visa is that the investor should be a citizen of a treaty country and a required treaty ought to exist among the US and the country of the foreign national.

Including Dependents

In America, immigration via E-visas can be considered as a promising way to permanent residency in the US, or else, US residency for the duration of several years. Therefore, the spouse and or dependents of successful applicants are allowed to move to the USA with the main applicant. While derivative E-visas do not give the right to work in the U.S, an applicant’s spouse can apply individually for an EAD card for Employment Authorization. Whereas, dependent children under 21 will be granted to migrate to the country, they will not be permitted to work under this US immigration service.

Visa Fee

Visa Fee: $270
Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice

USA EB5 Visa


USA EB5 visa is also recognized as immigrant investor program, it is adaptable because there are no stern conditions for age, language skills or business experience. EB-5 Permanent Residents do not need to be constantly present in the U.S., and are granted to maintain business and professional relations in their country of origin.
The EB5 Visa provides a green card before applicant migrate. It does not require applicant to manage everyday affairs of a business; applicant require investing in a new business.
With a USA Green Card, applicant can stay anywhere in the U.S., no matter where he/she has invested, and is free to do whatever they intend, be it work, run a business or retire.

Investment Eligibility Criteria

USA EB-5 Visa applicants must invest in a new commercial project. The commercial project must be
• Established after Nov. 29, 1990
• Established on or before Nov. 29, 1990
1. Purchased and the currently existing business is reorganized or restructured in such a way that a new commercial project results
2. Expanded through the investment so that a 40-percent increase in the net worth or number of employees occurs
Required minimum investments criteria are:
General: The minimum investment to be eligible in the United States is $1 million.
Targeted Employment Area (High Unemployment or Rural Area): The minimum qualifying investment either within a high-unemployment area or rural area in the United States is $500,000.
Commercial enterprise specifies any for-profit activity formed for the current conduct of legal business
EB-5 investment may take the form of cash, inventory, and equipment, secured indebtedness, tangible property, or cash equivalents and is valuated based on U.S. dollar fair-market value.

Requirements for Job Creation in USA

USA EB5 Visa applicant must meet the employment creation requirement. They are:
• Create or maintain minimum 10 full-time jobs for qualifying U.S. workers within 2 years of the immigrant investor’s entry to the U.S. as a Conditional US Permanent Resident.
• Create or maintain either direct or indirect job

Documents Required

• Document proof validating about the investment
• Document verification that applicant will be dynamically involved in the management of the new commercial project
• Document verification that jobs this will create jobs

Visa Fee

Visa Fee for Immigrant Investor or EB5 Visa: $1,500
Application to Register Permanent Residence: $985
Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notification.


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