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There are different visas for family of US Green Card & Citizens to come to USA. Visas are:

  • USA H4 Visa
  • Visas for family of Green Card holders
  • Visas for family of Citizens

Details of USA H4 visa

US H4 visa is granted to the dependent family members (spouse and Children) of H1 visa possessors who would want to go along with the H1B visa holder in the U.S. throughout the time of their reside.

Required Documents
Marriage certificate
Birth certificate for children
Copy of main applicant’s H1 Visa
Copy of employment confirmation letter of H1B visa holder
Visa Fee $190

USA Parents Visa for parents of U.S. Citizens

US residents who are minimum 21 years can bring their parents (mother or father) along to reside in the United States as green card holders; individual should be a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years. Green card holders (permanent residents) may not request to take parents to live lastingly in the United States.

Required Documents

  • Legal passport
  • Copy of birth certificate with resident and the applicant parent’s name
  • Sponsorship Agreement by the USA citizen

Visa fee is $420.

Note: Visa charges are subjected to change without prior notice.

Bringing Siblings as Permanent Resident to USA

Permanent citizens cannot bring siblings to reside enduringly in U.S. Only U.S. Citizens who are minimum 21 years can take their sibling to reside in the U.S. as a green card holder.

Required Documents

  • Proof that verifies that you are a U.S. citizen
  • Copy of birth certificate and a copy of your sibling’s birth certificate viewing that you have at least one common parent

Supplementary Required Documents for Siblings with Step-parent

  • Copies of documents showing that any previous marriage(s) of the natural parent or step-parent were legally ended.
  • A copy of the marriage certificate of the step-parent to the natural parent (age restrictions for meeting definition of step-child apply)

If you and your sibling have a common (biological) father but different mothers (i.e. you are paternal half-siblings), please furthermore submit:

  • Copies of the marriage certificates of the father to each mother
  • Copies of documents showing that any prior marriages of whichever your father or mothers were legally ended

Visa fee is $420.

Disclaimer: Visa fees can change without prior notice.

Family Of Green Card Holders (Permanent Residents)

Green Card holders can take only particular family members to US as Permanent Residents. Spouse (husband or wife), Unmarried children under 21 are considered as family members.

Required Documents

  • Give evidence of your status to show that you are a permanent resident
  • Submit evidence of the qualifying relationship such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • Submit confirmation of any legal name change for you or your family member (if any)Visa fee is $420.Disclaimer: Visa charges can change without prior notice.

USA Children(below 21 Years Of Age) Visa For Green Card & Citizenship Holders

US residents can bring Children (unmarried and under 21), Unmarried sons and daughters (21 or above), Son or daughter’s children, Married sons and daughters (any age), & Son or daughter’s spouse and/or children may be included on this application,
US Green Card Holders can bring children (unmarried and under 21), child’s children, unmarried sons and daughters (21 or over), & son or daughter’s children.

Required Documents

  • Confirmation of USA Citizenship
  • Evidence of relationship
  • Evidence of name change (if any)
  • Birth certificate
  • If adopted, than final adoption declaration is required and at least 2 years of legal guardianship

Child is converted into a Permanent Resident of USA on visa approval
Visa fee is $420.

NOTE: Visa charges are subjected to amend with no prior notice

USA Citizenship Spouse Dependent Visa

Documents required:

1. Copy of marriage certificate
2. Copy of all divorce documents, death certificates, or termination decrees which show that all earlier marriages entered into by you and/or your spouse were ended at the time of application
3. Documents to confirm any official name changes of both the main applicant and his/her spouse
4. Main applicant with U.S. citizenship has to make obvious his status with:

  • A copy of legal U.S. passport OR
  • A copy of U.S. birth documentation OR
  • A copy of Consular Report of Birth Abroad OR
  • A copy of naturalization certificate OR
  • A copy of certificate of citizenship

5. Address proof in the USA
6. Visa application forms & passport photos

Visa Fee

Visa charges are $420

Note>: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice.


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