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USA welcomes people from all around the world to visit and explore famous place in the country by offering them visit visa. however, the US visit visa has been classified in different streams.

Visitor Visa

USA Visitor Visa permits the applicant to visit US either to tour or visit family or friends. Visas are issued for maximum 10 years depending on the intent, profile & documentation of the applicant. Visitors are cannot work on this visa. USA Visitor Visa applicants should explain to the consular officer that they have strong ties to their home country and . . .

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US B1 - Business Visa

US Business Visa (B1 Visa) is for owners and employees of a company intending to attend Seminars, training Sessions, meetings, review the market, get contracts, and build relations or open branch offices in the US. Visas are issued for maximum 10 years relying on intention, profile & documentation of the applicant. Visitors cannot work on the US Business Visa. US Business Visa (B1 Visa) candidates needs to demonstrate that they have strong ties to their home country to the . . .

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Our Processing Team performs a detailed assessment on applicant’s profile and reviews your age, education, profession, work experience, personal assets and other necessary requirements. Receive our consultancy services and get to know about all the paperwork and official procedures. If you are interested in applying for a certain class or group, please send us an email at with your city, contact along with short profile. Our senior executives will call you for the assessment process as they receive your application. You can send us your details free of cost on above mentioned mail address.

Conditions and Service Charges

Our terms and Conditions are simple along with a transparent system and procedure. We only consider applications that meet the criteria. At any given time, our advanced Processing Center is handling more than 500 dynamic cases from over the world. Our techniques are standard & Process Consultants are the best on the planet. Our Prices are standard over all our branches. We promise that other than organization offers & advancements, you will not be mentioned a higher cost & inevitably pay a lower cost. Costs are dictated by the organization & are settled for all customers, workplaces & cases. Acquire our consultancy services if you desire to apply for this particular program, we have skill and experience of going through a process. Your chances to reach success are more as soon as you join us.

Other USA Visa Categories

cate small student
cate small immi
cate small business
cate small work
cate small depend

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  1. i want to appply for USA visit visa can u pease tell me what is the procedure and what are the requirements .

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